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Thoughtful Thursday: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I am a lover of art. In this case those that can, do and those that can’t, behold, observe, interpret, critique, wonder and appreciate. I am blessed to have artists in my family so I grew up with a respect for the work and talent required to create fine art. The paintings gracing my walls transport me to a place captured by the artist. I hear the sounds, inhale the smells and feel the atmosphere that transcends the canvas. Good art is like a lottery ticket in that it is an invitation to dream about the maybes, the "what ifs" and the "if I coulds". However, It is far more valuable than a lottery ticket in that there is no expiration date! Art represents the present yet invokes memories of the past and promotes visions for the future. The gift of art to someone is priceless as it celebrates now while offering endless hours of mental musings and plants a legacy for generations to come.

In my family art has been the gift of choice for graduations, weddings and other significant life events. Hours have been spent listening to my children argue over who gets what painting when I pass and what to grab and protect if escaping in a hurry due to a fire, flood or earthquake. And it is with delight and pride that I listen to their conversations because hidden in their debate and laughter is their own love and appreciation of art.

This spring, summer and fall graduation ceremonies are cancelled and weddings are postponed yet students have completed their studies and young lovers will marry so we urge you to celebrate these significant events with the gift of fine art.

Please visit our gallery in Chestertown, MD or shop virtually at

"When We Listen" by Stan Sperlak.

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