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Thoughtful Thursday: One Man's Art is Another's...

I write philosophically because I think about “stuff” all the time and then wonder why. As much of my time is spent in an art gallery while practicing the business of art, my mind perseverates on this topic.

This week I have wondered why some art appeals to particular people and why some people are not drawn to art at all. And is art subjective…not what you like or don’t like, we acknowledge the subjectivity in our tastes, but what we consider to be art?

I wonder why folks hang things on their wall? I wonder whether they hang art, or what they define as art, or if what they choose to hang merely performs the function of filling space. Once hung, how often do they/you/I “revisit” it? Does it prompt memories, emotions or dreams that bring enjoyment? Or does it serve its purpose?

Personally, I display both art and what I will call décor throughout my home. Fine art greets the visitor to my guest bathroom, a mini gallery for the captive audience seated there. Art is in the living, dining and bedrooms for an appreciative audience even if I am the one most admiring it. Yet I also love the hammered tin Maryland blue crab hanging on my porch and the paddle mounted just inside the back door for hats, jackets and umbrellas. I am especially fond of several old maps of Maryland even though these framed prints will never be considered art. Yet my most prized works of art; art I consider most beautiful, moving and memorable are the photographs of my grandson.

All of us have those priceless treasures of art that will never hang in a gallery or museum but sit atop our dressers and adhere to our refrigerators. The beauty in those pictures surpass what even the great Masters bring to their creations; that little photo transcends its humble origins and is a masterpiece of art evoking love, adoration, and commitment!

To view beautiful, fine art that will grace your walls and trigger memories for generations to come, visit Les Poissons Gallery in Chestertown or virtually at   

"Blueberries" by John Schisler.

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