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Thoughtful Thursday: Hope

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." -Desmond Tutu

We have experienced dark days this past year, some more intensely than others and by all prognostics, our days may grow darker still. Even the most optimistic have had their faith shaken; we are hungry for hope, searching for signs of promise and glimmers of light!

For me, Wednesday’s Presidential Inauguration was the most impactful of my life. What is an American celebration of democracy in action and a reoccurring event every four years, seems to take an even greater role than ushering in a new president and government. These past 10 months have tested every single one of us and this inauguration feels like the climax of the story. This celebration, with speeches, poetry and song inspires hope. I hear the bells toll and see the light for a brighter tomorrow.

Hope is not passive, it requires intellectual stamina and emotional energy.

Hope is not passive, it requires intellectual stamina and emotional energy. Those who engage with hope, learn from yesterday’s disappointments, marshal efforts today and stay focused on tomorrow. Theirs is a language littered with words like possibility, aspiration and potential. Courage mobilizes hope to action and that action evolves into expectations, goals and plans. Hope is a productive and engaged wish; it is a strategy necessary to see and experience potential.

As stated in a previous post and quoting myself, “Artists track the light like hunters in search of prey casting radiance and glory on the ordinary.” We need their mastery at finding the light to keep us focused on possibilities and promise. Light is necessary to see truth and beauty and no where is it more on display than in the works of artists gracing the walls of galleries.

To find your light in the dark, please visit the gallery in Chestertown or online at

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