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Thoughtful Thursday: Art as a Conduit for Change

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

Historically some of the most radical social changes and progressive eras have been ushered in by artists who challenged us to look at the world differently. Art pushes us to feel, empathize, and experience much that we try so hard to repress and ignore…art in all its genres & forms. We cry at a piece of music, are inspired by literature and find peace in visual art.

Research suggests that art has the power to influence the brain, thus art is used to help victims of trauma, those incarcerated, and long-term care patients. Educators know the positive impact of art on school children and use it to improve the acquisition and retention of both math and literacy. “Art can be a conduit for social change, changing sentiments, instilling ideals, and translating experience across time and space.”

Art is the medium between what we know and what we feel and has the power to blend reality with imagination…such that seeing is believing! So even as this is really “heady” stuff, I believe that in art we will find a way to bridge our societal schisms, soothe our rage, and just maybe improve social justice.

“Art has the power to move people in many ways and this is how it changes the world!”

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, or how art has made an impact in your own life. Feel free to comment or share this with others. It just may spark something!

Rainy Night in Annapolis by Julie Riker

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