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Thoughtful Thursday: A post-pandemic fine art boom.

Our governor gave a yellow light to Maryland’s citizens to open some businesses, venture outside, and proceed with great caution!

What we have learned from the past 60+ days remains to be seen. Yet some have actually benefitted from this hiatus. Stay-at-home orders have endorsed the practices of the studio artist while nudging the landscape artist to take advantage of the empty streets, paths and beaches to set up their easel and practice their craft. Current social distancing protocols increases the likelihood that an artist will, in fact, be alone in a public place to do his/her work. Artists work in isolation, transferring their vision to canvas…and not until that vision is complete is the public invited to view.

At the most basic level, art is personal to the artist and their vision and mission. The artist has a gift for capturing the miracles of a sunrise, transforming human frailties and pain into an image of hope and documenting for posterity both natural and man-made views and objects. The artist paints more than what he sees; he paints what he feels. When the art is shared, discounting the economic factors, the wish is that the viewer will understand or even experience the very same feelings. Really good art has a spirit, and that spirit is contagious! So in the months following this pandemic social order, we should see and experience an abundance of fine art… and probably a baby boom as well!

To view an abundance of really good art, we welcome all visitors to our virtual gallery at and limited hours at the gallery at 210 South Cross Street Chestertown, MD.

Below: Sunrise on the Rappahannock by Joseph Burrough

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